Change Leaders

Welcome to Change Leaders.

The #1 need of organizational leaders is guiding individuals, teams, and organizations through change. We help business, education, nonprofit, and government organizations implement change with measurable results.


What makes Change Leaders different?

A New Model of Change

Harvard Business Review studies estimate the more the 70% of change efforts fail and more than 90% are never implemented as planned. Why? Most change efforts are based on a deeply flawed model of change. Unlike the vast majority of change consultants, we know that “buy-in” is a myth and that “coalitions” are code for insulating an organization from change. If you want the illusion of change, use the old models. If you want real change, then use Change Leaders.

Evidence, not Rhetoric

Too many change efforts are based on rallies that insult the intelligence of employees. Our focus is “inside-out” change, not importing expertise from the outside.

100 Days, Not Five Years

Most change efforts avoid accountability by claiming that change requires three, five, or seven years - usually just one year longer than the contracts of the consultants and leaders. We focus on 100-day change, providing the short-term wins that provide the enthusiasm and morale boosts that are essential for longer-term change.

Global Perspective

We have worked in fifty states in the US and more than 30 countries and every continent. Our experience includes the most advanced, sophisticated, and developed nations as well as work throughout the developing world in Africa, Asia, and South America. In every environment and for every challenge, we bring global experience to address your most critical change needs.


Want to learn more?

Contact our CEO, Dr. Douglas Reeves at, or give him a call at 781 710 9633. He will answer or call you back in 24 hours. To learn more about our professional development and consulting services, visit us at the link below.